AutoComp software now makes automatic tool offsetting and error-free tooling control a reality.  AutoComp is a Windows based software application that processes data from almost any electronic gauging device and updates the tool offsets automatically in the CNC control.


  • Processes gauge data and updates the tool offsets automatically
  • Eliminates operator data entry errors
  • Improves part quality and reduces scrap
  • Tracks tool wear and notifies machine operators when a tool change is needed
  • Statistically controls your tool offsets to maintain acceptable tolerances of your machined parts
  • Compiles and reports historical tool-wear measurements
  • Accepts part measurements from most electronic gauging equipment including CMMs, digital tooling, gauge fixtures with LVDTs, laser micrometers, vision systems, and wireless gauging devices


  • The PartView feature displays dimension data superimposed on a picture of your part
  • JPG image can be labeled with each area of the part being measured for deviation
  • Operators can more easily identify which area of the part will be compensated


  • PC Control for your Tools