Under the brand name 'DIGILOG', BLUM offers progressive solutions for digital and analogue measuring tasks in machine tools. While the digital functionality is being used, especially when recording the workpiece position, state and dimensions, the analogue measurement offers extraordinary results, when it comes to the evaluation of surfaces and contours. The digilog touch probes are specially designed for the extreme requirements of high-productive machining centers.


  • Digital Measurement
  • Analog Scanning


  • DIGILOG = high-precision digital measurement and cyberspeed scans in analogue mode

  • Detection of machining errors by scanning process

  • Workpiece measurement in turning & milling machines

  • Data transmission with BRC radio technology

  • Extremely fast measurements (analogue & digital)

  • Superior precision due to patented shark 360 measuring mechanism

  • Precise non-lobing touch characteristics

  • No-wear, optoelectronic measuring mechanism