The multiple monitoring mode options allow the user to analyze their CNC machine on multiple levels.  Monitoring modes include: Limit Analysis, Spindle Bearing Analysis, Fault Detection, Frequency Analysis, and Sensor Data Collection Analysis. A single sensor can be set up to run multiple analyses.

  • Limits available for Lower (blue), Warning (yellow), and Upper (red), with adjustable sensitivity
  • Limits can be latched to ensure alarms are not missed
  • Easily detects excessive bar feeder vibration (i.e. bent bar), and signals the CNC to automatically adjust spindle RPM, if needed

DTect-IT is a Windows application that communicates with custom Caron Engineering USB sensors to effectively monitor any area of concern on your CNC machine tool or fixture.  This versatile monitoring system is a cost-effective solution for monitoring the health of your CNC machine.  Using custom sensors for Vibration, Strain, and Analog (which allows connecting any sensor with a 0-10 VDC signal), the user can establish a baseline of characteristics to determine when irregularities are present.  The application can run standalone, but also easily integrates with the CNC control.


  • Detects Machine Irregularities


  • Operates on any Windows PC with an available USB Port
  • Runs standalone or easily integrates with the CNC control
  • Graphing and monitoring can be initialized from the user interface or the CNC control
  • User can select any connected sensors to be monitored and graphed
  • Vibration and strain sensors detect temperature which can be monitored using set limits
  • Built-in audio sensor can record and graph the data from any recognized audio device on the Windows PCype your paragraph here.